How To Become Successful Step 1. Setting Your Goals

How To Become Successful In Life “Step 1. Setting Your Goals”


To Step 1 Of This Guide on How To Become Successful In Life!

Believe it or not, you are already well on your way to becoming successful beyond your wildest dreams!

It’s a fact that everyone wants to be successful in life and find happiness in their lives. Yet fewHow To Become Successful people truly achieve either of these goals because they don’t set out to actually understand what their goals in life are.

Imagine setting off on a car journey. You wouldn’t simply turn on the engine and drive round aimlessly for hours. You would plan your route step by step in your mind to figure out the optimum route. If you didn’t know how to get to your final destination, you would do some research before-hand or use tools like satnav to assist you. Either way you PLAN your journey before you set off.

This seems obvious right?

But when it comes to life, people drive around aimlessly without any clear direction. Few people ever discover exactly how to become successful in life. BUT, by reading this 3 step article YOU will be different. Not only that, but once you’ve carried out the simple steps below, you will know EXACTLY what you want to get from your life and what success means to you.

So, here’s the most important question you can ever ask yourselfbecome successful in life

“What do I want out of life?”


Now, this is a very tricky question, and if you’re feeling a little stumped then don’t panic! We’re going to walk through the process of figuring out exactly what you want from life. Only by doing this can you have any kind of a measuring stick to determine how successful you are.


How To Become Successful In Life – It’s All About YOU!


how to become successful in life

What you’re about to do is a very exciting and powerful exercise. It’s time to throw off the shackles and set your imagination running wild and free!

Grab a pen and paper and write a list of everything you WANT in your life. This can be absolutely anything at all you desire but don’t currently have.

When writing your list don’t forget that happiness doesn’t just come from material possessions and money, so make sure that your “wish list” includes some spiritual, personal development and health goals.  You also need to be as specific as possible in what you write down. So, if you deeply desire to own a sports car, don’t just write “sports car” be specific about what you dream of having, such as “to own an Aston Martin DB9 with private license plate. Blue paintwork and cream leather interior”.  If you’re struggling for inspiration here’s a list of GENERAL things that people might want include. Don’t forget to make them specific to you though;

Owning a Large House (think about the house the is located, how many rooms, what’s in the garden, any special features etc?)

  • To Be A good parent How to become successful
  • Having a Fast Car
  • Yacht
  • To Become More confident
  • Losing a few pounds in weight
  • To be the best husband/wife I can be
  • Flying in a Private Jet
  • To Own A Racehorse
  • To be a great friend
  • To run a marathon
  • Getting a promotion at work
  • To pay off the mortgage
  • Do some charity work
  • Get good grades at school
  • To have a good sense of humor/ to laugh more
  • To do one new thing every day
  • Travelling the world
  • To start my own business
  • Learn to speak another language
  • Start a new hobby



Hopefully you now have a good sized list of things you want in life. The list you’ve now created is therefore incredibly important to you. You should refer back to it on a daily basis, and feel free to keep adding to it whenever you think of something else you want. Your life goals will no doubt change and evolve as you achieve more and more success. Importantly though, whenever you achieve something on your list, reward yourself and really enjoy the feeling of success. Certain things (like being a good partner) will never truly be completed, so enjoy the little things you do as they come along.


how to become successful


So, what you have in front of you is actually a very detailed list your life goals. Did you surprise yourself with anything on the list? If so it’s maybe because all your previous desires were monetary.

how to be successful

It’s fascinating to observe the huge number of rich people who are grumpy and miserable. I’m sure you’ve met people like that right? The reason they are unhappy is that they think that money is the key to happiness. This simply isn’t the case. Money is an excellent lubricant to help people achieve their goals, it is not a goal in itself.


“How To Become Successful TIP”:

If you’re wondering why you’ve written down everything you want rather than simply thinking about them, then the answer is that you now have physical proof of your goals. You are much more likely to achieve your goals by having them written down.


The next step will help you implement these goals. But before moving on, let’s see what the great Jim Rohn has to say about the importance of setting goals in how to become successful.

how to become successful in life


The Importance Of Writing Down Your Goals


If you don’t have any goals in life, the good news is that you’ll definitely achieve them. Another way to say this is, if you don’t have clear goals you will achieve nothing. But let’s take that a step further. Having goals is great, but writing them down is significantly more powerful.

 If you’re still unconvinced at the power of writing down your goals here’s the proof.

how to be successful in life

In 1979 researchers asked a class of Harvard Business school graduates about their goals. 84% of the graduates said that they had no goals at all, 13% said that they had goals but had not written them down and just 3% said that they had clear goals that they had written down. 10 years later, the same graduates were interviewed again and the results were quite unbelievable.

Quite surprisingly, the 13% of people with goals earned, on average, twice as much money as the 84% who didn’t have any goals.

Most shockingly of all though, the 3% who had written goals didn’t just earn significantly more than the others, they earned 10 times the amount the others earned COMBINED!

If you take nothing else from this website, it should be that by writing down your goals, you’ll become vastly more successful than you would have become had you not done so!


Well, you’re making great progress here! But don’t stop now! Continue on your road to success by completing Step 2 of how to be successful.




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